Dear Parents,

Welcome to Westchester Tremont Day Care Center, Inc.  It is a pleasure to extend our services to you and your child and have you as a member of our community.  We trust that our relationship will be a very positive one.  

Our staff and teachers are devoted to improving the lives of others through education and our program is based on the belief that young children, regardless of background and abilities, can be nurtured and challenged in an atmosphere that encourages, respects and fosters curiosity, spontaneity, skill development, self expression, responsibility and the development of a positive self image.  

We are dedicated to helping your child grow and develop to their full potential according to their own special learning styles, interests, and personalities.  We believe each child is unique and our goal is for all children to develop at their own rate. Through play, your child will learn new concepts and understandings.  The arrangements of each room, choice of materials, and classroom management provide ongoing opportunities for children to play with a purpose.

Our performance standards are structured to:

  • Convey the importance of developing the whole child in all domains of learning – social, emotional, creative expression, physical and cognitive development
  • Facilitate learning experiences that are engaging, interactive and challenging
  • Provide a guide for the implementation of a child-centered curriculum that grows out of a teacher’s ongoing observations and assessments
  • Promote a safe, nurturing learning environment for all children

​We feel strongly that open communication between parents and staff members is essential to fully meeting your child’s needs.

Please read your Parent Handbook very carefully, as it is your guideline for our Center policies.

If you have questions – never hesitate to ask for clarification.

On behalf of all staff at Westchester Tremont Day Care Center, Inc., thank you for entrusting your child/ren to our care.

Marie J Milillo
Educational Director   


Your opinion is valuable to us.  Please feel welcome to share any questions, comments or concerns.

Monday, June 25, 2018: Class 2A at 9AM; Class 3A & 3B - Moving-Up at 10:30AM

Tuesday, June 26, 2018: Class 4A & 4B Graduation at 10:30AM

Light refreshments in your child's classroom following ceremony!

Parent Communication

MUFFINS WITH MOM:  Celebrating Mother's Day 2018 at WTDCC.
Wishing all mothers and those who provide mothering each and every day continued blessings and abundant rewards for the great love you give!


​We hope you enjoy keeping up-to-date with the many exciting things taking place at our Center.


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Moving-Up / Graduation

June 2017

YOU ARE INVITED - Moving-Up/Graduation 2018

2547 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx, NY 10461