We recognize and respect the individuality of each child.  From the very first day, we focus on getting to know your child.


At Westchester Tremont Day Care Center, Inc., we are entirely dedicated to the belief that your child is the hope of our future and deserves to be given every opportunity to become an outstanding citizen of tomorrow.  It is a pleasure to extend our services to you and your child and have you as a member of our community.

Our program is based on the belief that young children, regardless of background and abilities, can be nurtured and challenged in an atmosphere that encourages, respects, and fosters curiosity, spontaneity, skill development, self-expression, responsibility and the development of a positive self image.  At WTDCC, we are dedicated to helping your child grow and develop to their full potential according to their own special learning styles, interests and personalities.  We believe each child is unique and our goal is for all children to develop at their own pace.





Our Center is designed to support a high-quality early care education system for your child. All classrooms are filled with age-appropriate learning materials and resources and are arranged in a center-based fashion to encourage exploration and "play with a purpose".  We create a welcoming environment that offers learning opportunities that build on children's current knowledge and at the same time stretch their thinking and extend what they already know about themselves, relating to the others and the world around them.  There are five (5) Domains that encompass the development of the whole child and each classroom is arranged to foster development in each of these areas:


​Each classroom atmosphere stimulates skill development in each of the above listed domains and promotes positive experiences for successful learning in a safe, clean, hygienic and encouraging environment.


Westchester Tremont Day Care Center also boasts an incredible 8,581 square foot, state-of-the-art outdoor level playground which is on the premises and used daily by the children to foster gross motor development.  We have a vast array of ride-on toys (bikes and wagons), a pretend gas station and signs that encourage "rules of the road", a basketball structure designed for preschoolers, an outdoor sand and water table, Play-Panels that promote learning in the areas of Math, Music, and Science, a Playhouse, Climbing and Slide Structures, Picnic Tables and Benches to allow for outdoor activities and picnic lunches and a grass area that can be used for story time along with a planting garden area for each class to use in conjunction with their science studies.  


Visit our beautiful Center & enroll your child for 2019-2020

ENROLLMENT is currently Frozen

Our Landlord, the Westchester United Methodist Church, has embarked on a redevelopment project within this community.  They require mandatory vacating of their building which will be demolished Summer 2020. 

Last day for all children attending our Center will be JUNE 19, 2020

CENTER WILL CLOSE on June 30, 2020

On behalf of our sponsoring Board, dedicated staff, families and children whom we have served over more that a half century, know that we regret having to cease operation.  We thank all who have supported our work and mission to ensure quality services.

About Us

For the Child

  • To provide a program and enriched learning environment that addresses the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and literacy skill development of each child.
  • To provide opportunities of meaningful play based on the child's individual needs, interests, handicaps and abilities and to build the foundations for future adult learners.
  • To provide opportunities for the development of group and social skills while cherishing individual and cultural differences.

​For the Parents

  • To provide quality childcare while parents pursue their studies, careers, and related activities.
  • To provide opportunities to grow in the understanding of child development through day-to-day contact with center staff, and through parent conferences, workshops and other activities.
  • To provide opportunities to meet and interact with other parents and teachers who share a common interest in pre-school children.

For the Community

  • To help meet the need for quality childcare in the community.
  • To provide opportunities for student teachers, work-study students, and volunteers to study child development.
  • To contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of society.

The purpose of Westchester Tremont Day Care Center, Inc.  is to:

  • Encourage, plan, organize, develop, establish, operate and maintain a quality childcare and early childhood education program that will benefit the child, the parent and the community.
  • Play a role in citywide day care matters, particularly with regard to expansion and improvement of the program.
  • Seek to constantly improve services and keep them relevant to the needs of the community.

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2547 E. Tremont Ave. Bronx, NY 10461

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